• Title: WALL-E
  • Company: Disney/Pixar
  • Rating: PG
  • Length: 103 minutes

Seven hundred years in the future the earth has been abandoned by all humans and left in the care of a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class (WALL-E). After all this time of doing exactly what he was made to do, WALL-E discovers what he was meant to do.

Before the Film Discussion (Focus Questions)
1) imagine being on earth alone – with no other living thing to accompany them. How would you feel?

After the Film Discussion (Focus Questions)

Most of the inventions nowadays are to make our lives more effortless. Do you agree with this statement? Why (not)? What are the possible consequences of such inventions.

1) Why does the movie depict earth in such a wretched condition?
Do you think it will ever really get that bad?
What does the "Buy and Large" corporation symbolize? It a is fair analogy?

2) What does Wall-E's truck, filled with all of his treasures, represent?
Why does he collect these things?
What does Wall-E long for and how does that relate to his function?

3) What is the significance of Eve's "directive"?
What does she do right after the spaceship drops her off and blasts back into space?
What is our "directive" or "directives"?

4) What does this move have to say about humanity's place in creation?
What do John and Mary realize about each other?
What does the captain learn about earth that inspires him to go back there?
Why does the captain realize that it is important to return to Earth?(Ecology Unit)

What were some of the novelties promised by the movie? Will they ever happen? Which ones will and which ones won't be possible?

  1. What did you think of the film’s vision of the future of mankind? Do you think such a future is possible? What could we do to prevent it? Can you see similarities in our current world? What are they? (Critical Thinking)
  2. To what extent do you think the Buy n’ Large corporation was responsible for what happened to the earth? (Critical Thinking)

1) Send your group into the park at your school or into your classroom and have them return with an object they found. Have them explain "what this was" as if they were a team of archeologists from the far future. The only rule is that can't explain what it REALLY was—they must come up with something totally wrong.

2) Apparently in the future we'll be too fat and lethargic to even chew our food. Everyone has his or her meals "in a cup." Drive through a few fast food places and purchase meals (burger, fries, shake or sub sandwich and a Dew), put these in a blender and see if any of your youth will give the food of the future a try.

3) Using clips from Youtube, Wall-E or clips you have filmed yourself, create a PSA about saving the environment OR
Using clips from Youtube, Wall-E or clips you have filmed yourself, create a PSA about staying healthy and fit. Try to use tips from Wall-E and use no words, only sounds and music.

Sources for Further Study:
Reading & Viewing:
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